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About me

My name is dr. Fodor Klaudia Franciska, I am a copyright lawyer, expert in company law and the lover of contracts.

I have been specialized in copyright law for more than a decade. How can I help you?

How did I become a copyright lawyer?

I grew up in Mosonmagyaróvár where I went to a German-Hungarian bilingual secondary grammar school. As a child I liked studying and facing new challenges continuously. ELTE Law School was my dream university, but it was the hardest place to get it. In the year I finished high school, there were 13 times more applications over the quota. I got succecfully admitted, and I moved to Budapest to start my legal studies at ELTE.

 In the second year, I fell in love with copyright law.

Intellectual property is about the protection of intangible goods. As they are abstract, the legislator creates protection over them to restrict their availability. This is how intellectual property will have market value.

This idea amazed me. At the university, I started researching copyright.

I wrote my first course assignment about transfer of know-how, where I digged deep into the specialties of the protected knowledge, contractual freedom and the logic of the market.

The living copyright lawyer legend, dr. Faludi Gábor supervised my dissertation.. The topic was the blank media levy. I studied how the flat-rate incorporated in the price of the blank media could provide compensation in terms of mass violation of the copyright law.

Winning the Apáthy István award, which is the acknowledgment of the dissertations based on copyrights, was on the top of the success of my dissertation.

First I graduated summa cum laude at ELTE and right after I started working as a lawyer.

My legal career started at an international law firm. Here I learned the elegance of the legal profession, the communication with clients and the composition of contracts in three languages. After that I worked at Artisjus for 7 years deepening my knowledge of copyright law during lawsuits, contractual matters. I was involved in routine and strategically significant legal cases. It was followed by a short run off at MOL where I worked as a corporate lawyer. Finally, to fulfill my dedication, I established my own law firm where I have been providing services to clients ever since.

The 7 years I spent working at the biggest collective management organization of copyrights in Hungary was fundamental in my career.

It’s a funny story that when we filed a lawsuit against mobile phone manufacturers to make them pay blank media levy, one of the defendants’ lawyer quoted from my dissertation. He wanted to weaken our argument, but it didn’t work out.

We kept winning the “blank media lawsuits.” But much more happened there than this.

While working at Artisjus, I got familiar with the theory and practice of copyright law. From strategically significant disputes to the daily licensing contracts, I gained wide range of experience, and I got an insight in the clash of interest of authors and users.

Some years ago, I opened my own law firm.

I consider myself a “copyright lawyer”.



If you have a copyright case, you need a contract, review of a contract, advice on a company matter or you just have a question, click here.


Has a copyright issue occurred in your ongoing case and need a professional with special knowledge? Feel free to contact me, I am happy to help.


As an experienced lecturer, I love conducting lectures on copyrights even in a foreign language. Do you need a trainer or a speaker? Click here.

Due to my expertise, I could quickly build up my copyright law praxis. My clients include:

  • composers, musicians, entertainers,
  • record labels,
  • writers, poets,
  • photographers,
  • legally qualified people specialized in copyright law,
  • database builders,
  • leaders of companies distributing intellectual property
  • and other creative businesses and startups.
  • composers, musicians, entertainers,
  • record labels,
  • writers, poets,
  • photographers,
  • legally qualified people specialized in copyright law,
  • database builders,
  • leaders of companies distributing intellectual property
  • and other creative businesses and startups.

In 2019, I graduated as an expert in corporate and company law.

Most of my clients have creative activities or create intellectual property (e.g.: company operating a marketplace, trainer, and web developer). They are entrepreneurs who are worried about the protection of their intellectual property. As an IP law expert, I answer their questions related to copyright and company matters in a holistic way.

As an attorney-at-law, I have more and more foreign clients who provide services in connection with intellectual property in Hungary.

Besides this, my Hungarian clients also look for opportunities in abroad so I can continuously exploit the knowledge I gained at the international law firm.

Since I speak English and German fluently, I am happy to support foreign clients in their business in Hungary.

I love writing contracts and negotiating even in a foreign language.

What do my client have in common?

All my clients CREATE. They run a business related to music, literature or other creative activities. But they hate dealing with legal matters.

That’s where I come in.

I support them with my expertise, experience and my attention to the details every day. I write licensing contracts, other legal documents, I give advice in disputes. I support my clients in forming their business strategy, I help them protect their intellectual property and I also give them guidance in legal matters every day. I represent them in legal disputes as well.

So that they can do what they are good at.

Creating intellectual property.

Lucky me that I can work with them.

Do you also have a business where

  • literature, music, theater, photo, concert, film or a database is in the center
  • you have elaborated useful knowledge, a procedure, a method or other intellectual property that you would like to protect,
  • you use others’ intellectual property in your business.

and YOU HAVE A LEGAL MATTER that you cannot deal with?

You don’t have to. You need a good lawyer. Contact me and let’s talk about your business.

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I follow three principles.


I don’t hide behind the complicated legal jargon, but I give easily understandable answers to my clients. My advice or contract is customized for your case. This is my superpower.


I help my clients as efficiently as possible. They can be in a different city, abroad, or on another continent. We will comfortably have our consultation online using Skype or Teams.


If you hire me for the job, you will not work with my candidate or my assistant. But with me.

Give it a try and book an appointment for an introductory talk.

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