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I provide copyright legal services of any kind!

Copyright legal services for clients who create.

All my clients CREATE: they run a business related to music, literature or other creative activities. But they hate dealing with legal matters.

Has a copyright-related question occurred that you cannot deal with? You don’t have to. You need a good lawyer.

It is important to have a good contract in your copyright case.

When signing a contract with a Hungarian partner, making a statement, giving permission for uses in Hungary, you have to pay attention both to the artists’ side and the users’ side so that you don’t become the prisoner of a disadvantageous contract.

In copyright law, it is all about creation. In your business as well.

Be it a literary work, music, painting or building, the author is entitled to have the copyrights. This is the beginning of the copyright protection in Hungary.

Creator don’t always work alone. Creation can also happen in a corporate environment or based on a contract of services or a work contract. If your company gains copyrights it is in their interest to protect them.

If you have a legal case before the Hungarian collective management organization of copyrights, contact a legal expert.

The Hungarian collective management of rights is a special field of copyrights in which only a few lawyers have experience. The collective management of rights ensures that the copyright owner receives the income when, due to the nature or circumstances of use, rights cannot be effectively exercised individually.

Since I worked for Artisjus, the biggest collective management organization in Hungary for years, I have outstanding experience in such cases. Contact me if you need help.

Copyright is about creation. Trademark is about selling goods.

While building your brand in Hungary, it is crucial to choose the right name and stand up against the unfair competitors copying you. An effective tool is to register your brand name, logo and motto as a trademark.

The related legal productions (e.g.: databases, entertainment, recordings) have enormous economic significance.

Intellectual property is broader than copyright.

It includes protection of entertainers, producers of sound recordings and database builders. If you have such “IP”s, handle them with care!

As a Hungarian attorney-at-law, I provide copyright legal services at a reasonable price.

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How can i help you?

My copyright legal service is based on expertise, consultations and customized answers.

“I have only some questions.”

Legal advice is the fastest legal help you can get.
It is a comfortable and efficient way of getting some guidance. If you “have only some questions”, you don’t understand a contract that you have to sign, you would like to measure the risks of it or you simply don’t know what legal consequences you can expect, contact me.
I will give you understandable answers.

„I need a contract.”

You can save a lot of money with a good contract.
I have written and commented on a huge number of contracts of use, contracts of services and bills of sale in Hungarian, English and German. I will make what you need as well.

„I’ve got into a dispute.”

When handling disputes on copyrights, as a lawyer, I endeavor to help my client get to the end of the dispute preferably in a peaceful way. Lawsuits are considered only if it doesn’t work.
As a legal representative, I give advice, write demands, and represent my client at trials, before authorities and courts.

„I am a lawyer but I am stuck at the copyright part.”

The copyright, intellectual property and trademark law are special fields. If you run a general legal praxis, you will not encounter such cases on a daily basis. It can happen that your regular client will have a copyright related question and they expect the usual high quality answer.
The solution is simple. Justo involve a legal expert on this field. I am happy to help.

„I need a lecturer or speaker in the topic of copyrights or intellectual property.”

As an experienced lecturer, I undertake conducting lectures on copyrights even in a foreign language. Do you need a trainer or a speaker? Contact me.

As a Hungarian attorney-at-law, I provide copyright legal services at a reasonable price.

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Getting the right license is a complex matter. If you run a business in Hungary and part of this you use copyright works of others, then this requires “thinking ahead” and understanding the local licensing system.

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Duration of copyright. Copyright protection before and after the death of the author

Copyright – similarly to most of the good things – does not last forever. The length of the protection is not carved in stone: it has changed over time reflecting the shaping attitude toward the concept of copyright. It is subject to a political decision balanced between the interest of the society to use the works as soon as possible and the interest of the right holders to maximize income from the creations.

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